Microsoft Partner – Canadian Excellence Program

Back in June or July of 2008 I received a very surprising E-Mail from the Canadian Excellence Program informing us that we are now part of the Program……I though wow what is this all about.

As it seems if you have 4 or more competencies and are a gold Partner you are accepted into the program.

The program offers some close ties to the Canadian Microsoft Executive team and other key players at Microsoft Canada.

We were shocked at work….I mean wow not even a year as a Microsoft Partner and we have obtained Excellence status and we never even know that the program existed.

At Horn IT we have obtained the following Competencies

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Advanced Network Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Licensing
  • Information Worker

As well we have the Small Business Designation.

One of the new things that the Program is making all of the Excellence partners do is a force CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Survey) actually it was the CSAT which allowed us to obtain Gold Partner Ship back in December ‘07.

Anyways back to my random though, I just wanted to give a big hand to all of the Team members of Horn IT to staying on this program over the past year.

Great Job Everyone!!!

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