Well Headed Back to Microsoft…..

Let me explain…..back in the late 90’s and really 2000’s I completed a handful of exams for Microsoft to get my MCSE on NT4  (almost over night, told my boss I was going to to write one or two and came back with 8 under my belt) then Upgraded to MCSE 2000 (yes I did the crazy upgraded exam and the design exams shortly right after), then I had to get me then Compact AIS and ASE certifications so one of my former companies could participate in doing service work for Compaq.

Since then I did not really keep up with my certifications as the places I was working at did not require them them (boo on you).  A number of times I though about going back and upgrading but never got around to it due to cost as my company did not have any value in certifications.  I then started to work full time in the consulting world and as we were looking at way to raise our level of credibility we looked at the Microsoft Partner Program and how we wanted to tackle it.

Well certifications is a large part of the program to make sure that all Partner are qualified to deliver Microsoft solutions.  We made it with the existing certifications we had among all of our staff.  I then receive notice that the Upgrade Exam to MCSE 2003 was going to expire so I was thinking I better get on that and take the two upgrade exams or I will have to write them all over again.  Since I did attempt the 2003 upgrade exam way back when it first came out and failed I though OK I have been dealing with the licensing side of things in my position so I will tackle those exams first.  Off to the books the Partner Program hand 50% off vouchers and free training on the partner site.  I took the training researched the licensing items some more and then off to prometric to write the Small  & Medium Business Licensing And the Software Asset Management Exams, yes I know crazy, two at the same time back to back.

Yes I passed both, yes both…..that started a fire in me to get back on track.  Next up …… MCSE upgrade, and the great Second Shot program Microsoft had, gave the confidence to just start popping exams off.  yes I mean popping, as I starte dto do about 3-6 a week for the next coming weeks, Microsoft, Juniper, HP I also completed a number of Beta Exams three of them being Server 2008 TS exams the standalone ones yes crazy me did all three in one sitting plus 2 others day day talk about brain fry……

well about a month after that I got this weird e-mail from some one at Microsoft Learning saying that I scored very well on the Beta Exams for 2008 and that they wanted me to come out to Redmond and do exam item selection session with them, I was floored I mean holy crap…

It was an awesome trip meet some really cool people and learned a lot about the exam process.

You have Mail……I got another e-mail asking about my virtualization and if I could participate again, off goes my resume and a week later was accepted again to go back out to Redmond to do another session at MS Learning, this time I was in a Object Domain Session.  I have to say this was one of the best things I have done in a long time.  I mean me and 7 other IT Pro’s we all got to go through and specify what we think should go on the exam.  I mean this was totally cool, from the brain storming to a final document all in the matter of a few days it was totally amazing.

I can’t wait to do the next one.

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