How to: Return a CSV volume to Online after a failed backup

OK you have a backup application performing backup of Hyper-V Virtual Machines, by utilizing the parent partition to backup the VM’s with the VSS writer.

You have the following conditions.

  • The backup server failed in the middle of the backup
  • The CSV volume son the Cluster remain in this mode “Online (Backup in Progress: Redirected Access)

When this happens you cannot manually move the CSV volume to another node,  place the CSV in to maintenance mode or return the CSV to Normal mode.

What do you do?

Two possible solutions:

  1. Live Migrate all of the VMs to another node and reboot the Node Owner of the CSV, this breaks the connection will place the CSV on a new node and return the CSV to Online
  2. End Task or Restart the backup agent on the affected node this should return the volume to Online

But wait where id all of your space go the VSS writer and the backup agent are holding your space hostage.  You now have to move the CSV to another node and back again for the VSS Writer/Agent to release the space back to the file system.

This took a fair amount of trouble shooting I hope this will save you some time.

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